The GarageLight uses a unique wide-angle LED Lighting design to brighten up any workspace. 

It can be ANGLED in any directionThe Garage LED Light has three separate LED panels can be angled to shine light anywhere.

Very EASY TO INSTALL. The light can be installed with the standard screw base (E26/27) light socket with no need for tools.

The GarageLight has a VARIETY OF USES and is ideal for your garage, workshop, basement, or attic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the LED panel adjustable?
Three aluminum LED panel heads can be adjusted. Each light head can be folded up to 90°. You can adjust these panels to make the light to shine wherever you need it.

Does the light need a special mount or connection for installation?
The Garage LED Light can be installed in a standard medium screw base as easily as screwing in a light bulb. No tools required, no special wiring.

What is the bulb life or working hours for the LED garage light?
50,000 hours of constant run time.